Human Rights And More In Norway

Human Rights And More In Norway

Human Rights

As most people know, Norway is actually a small Scandinavian country where the population is just 4.9 million people in the entire country. It is also known for being a parliamentary democracy and also a constitutional monarchy. There are a range of political parties that operate freely here. There have been some recent reports on human rights in Norway which show it is indeed one of the best countries when it comes to political, civil and even individual rights, except just a few minor and some worrying trends when it comes to immigration and also the rights of some religious minorities.

Norway has actually been ranked first on the entire UN development program’s Human Development Index for 12 of the entire 15 years, and it has proven to be consistent when it comes to being consistently top when it comes to international comparisons in such areas as democracy, political and civil rights and even freedom when it comes to expressing your thoughts and your opinions as well.

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Now I have listed out some things that you should be keeping in mind when it comes to the details of human rights in Norway in the last couple of years.

  • Political pluralism: Their constitution has actually promoted political pluralism and also guarantees it when it comes to practice as well. All of the political parties from a range of some ideological backgrounds have certainly been participating freely in the elections. The entire country’s freedom when it comes to politics is actually such an indigenous people by the international conventions, and it also has its own legislature too.
  • When we are talking about press freedom, it is constitutionally guaranteed, and it is also protected in public life. The government also subsidizes the majority of all of the newspapers and although the private and the partisan in the effort to promote the political democracy and pluralism as well. The citizen’s digital rights are always respected as well. You should also know that access to the internet is free of cost and it is unimpeded as well. There is so much respect for academics and freedom in academics. The private discussions are also free and vibrant as well.


  • You are also free to believe in whichever religion you want, and no one can say otherwise. That freedom is yours by right. It is also constitutionally guaranteed, and it is also respected in practice. Norway is a secular country where the church and also the state were separated by an amendment in the year 2012. All of the religious beliefs have been known to enjoy freedom, but lately, there is seemingly some rise in the anti-Semitic and also anti-Muslim harassment and violence too.


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